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Thursday, June 13, 2013

George Takei is Smarter Than You, and Here's Why.

In case anyone hadn't heard, Lieutenant Sulu from the original Star Trek has, of late, established himself as the king of Facebook. Though other celebs may eclipse George in total fans (Vin Diesel has over 40 million), George's social media is solid gold because his (4 million+) fans are super engaged - usually above 50%. To put it in perspective, George's Facebook page is seen by more people than most high budget network television shows, for which Fortune 500 sponsors pay handsomely. And sometimes, foolishly.

George's Facebook posts are witty, fun and off beat. And now we learn George has been getting help from a professional.

Some of George's fans are furious. We're not. We know exactly why George did what he did. For personal pages, content doesn't matter. Cat videos and blurry cell phone pictures are just fine. But business pages - and trust us - George's is a business page - had better look good - damn good. If they don't, they make your business look crappy - damn crappy.

VMG is appalled by Facebook business pages that look like they're written and maintained by a pre-schooler. Hideous misspellings, typos, point & shoot pictures posted sideways and always, always, always - more exclamation points than a 12 year-old's love letter. When we see even one tiny exclamation point --  on sale now! -- we know it's DIY page. If they have social media content management, they're getting --  ripped off!

Social media for business should be called media social. It's an advertising medium, folks -- more powerful and precise than any other. So why do businesses let someone with little or no advertising and marketing experience, nor creativity, handle it? Would you have a plumber shoot your TV commercial or design your magazine ad? How about getting a gardener to do your taxes? Need heart surgery? Here's a YouTube tutorial for do-it-yourselfers.

Try it. What have you got to lose?


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