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Friday, November 19, 2010

Opting Out

This week, Bill Nye, The Science Guy, a former TV personality, collapsed in mid-sentence while lecturing  at USC. You'd think some sturdy Trojan(s) would have leapt to render aid, but according to witnesses, they watched the poor guy buckle,  sputter and drool as they... Tweeted about it.

We find this behavior thoroughly revolting (though all too common). Much of our populace has grown to resemble nothing so much as the Eloi - the mutant race envisioned by H.G. Wells in his futurist masterpiece, The Time Machine. Passive and illiterate, the Eloi were unwitting livestock bred to fill the bellies of their masters, the Morlocks. As long as they had yummy fruit, togas and amusements, they would endure any indignity and ignore any fellow Eloi in danger. This symbiotic relationship  pretty much mirrors the dynamic between most college students and the faculty. Or taxpayers and the federal government. Or air travelers and the TSA. Just give us a Bud Lite and a game to watch in HD and we'll go along with anything.

A hero may have risen in John don't touch my junk Tyner. His refusal to submit to TSA humiliation has lit a fuse. Up until John's brave act, the people were sullen. Emboldened by him, they are mutinous. Social Media is the lifeline of the revolt. The websites and organized protests are all internet fueled. There's and and a Twitter address: #wontfly.

The TSA plans to fine Tyner $10,000 for his insolence. Does that leave any doubt as to whether TSA "security" is about safety... or kontrol?

This coming Wednesday, November 24 has been designated national Opt Out Day, when air travelers are urged to eschew irradiating nude body scans for the pat-down. TSA czar John Pistole says this is "irresponsible" and his minions are "well prepared" for anything. Are those the words of a public servant, or a bureaucrat on a power trip?

With any luck, we'll soon see some overpaid, arrogant, incompetent, and imperious government officials jobless. And an end to the criminalization of air travelers.


  1. Larry -- I won't be flying on opt out day, but on the other hand, I kindda like the idea that someone at the airport is looking at naked pictures of me, so I'm a little conflicted.
    What should I do?

  2. Sounds like you've found your bliss. Buy discount tickets in bulk and getcha body scanned until you glow like the Green Latern. The TSA will be begging to pat your junk. A win-win, no?


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